Episode 43-Jessie Kwak

Today on the podcast I have freelance writer and novelist Jessie Kwak. Her latest book is ‘ Double Edged: The Bulari Saga’, which is part of The Durga System series. This book is also included in our Sponsors UniverseBound ‘Simple Read and Relax’ June Bookbox. The deadline for this months box is June 15th. More information on this can be found at https://www.universebound.com/. Jesse is also the author of the books ‘Starfall’, ‘Deviant Flux’ and ‘Shifting Borders’.  On todays episode we talk about how she write action scenes. And she describes her most recent Sci-fi novel as The Godfather meets Firefly. We touch on some of her favorite writers and she recommends books by Fonda Lee and Ian McDonald. She tells us about her freelance writing work and her upcoming non-fiction book ‘From Chaos to Creativity’ : Building a Productivity System for Artists and Writers which is out October 11th.

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