Episode 16-Author Francesca G. Varela

Today on the podcast I have Francesca G Varela. At the age of 25 she has already published 3 novels-Call of the Sun Child, Listen and her newest book The Seas of Distant Stars a sci- fi novel about a human girl kidnapped from earth who grows up on an alien planet. She lives and works in Portland Oregon for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. In today’s episode we talk about her work with this organization, her new book and she talks about her writing process. We also talk about the term “Ecological Fiction, where it came from and what it means. You can buy her new book at https://www.amazon.com/Seas-Distant-Stars-Francesca-Varela/dp/1947003925 

Music for this episode is "beeKoo mix" by Lasswell 2007 - Licensed under Creative Commons
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